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We have over 15 years experience in the property market covering all aspects - sourcing, financing, insurance, refurbishment, letting etc. Drawing on years of experience, we feel we are best placed to cater for the personal demands of today's & tomorrow's landlords.

Typically, individuals who have not purchased a Buy to Let property is due to some of the following reasons;

1) No time - just don't know where to start?
2) Not sure if property investment is for me - what are landlords responsibilities?
3) I have missed the boat - haven't I?
4) Too complicated - nothing in plain English?
5) and so on - the list can be endless

Well we have answers to most of your questions and whilst property is not for everyone and does contain risks - you should at least explore your options - after which you can make an informed choice.

Its-Property can certainly answer most of these questions and also provide answers to some you've never thought to ask. This should enable you to determine if you are indeed going to be tomorrow's landlord.

At what cost is this advice, you may ask? Well typically some companies are charging up to several thousands of pounds for giving you this basic information - we on the other hand prefer to give you our knowledge for free! We only make a charge of £1500 for each property secured - this is low compared to other companies.

Why? Because if you do feel property is right for you, then perhaps you may be interested in some of the properties we have for sale, or alternatively choose us to source some specific properties for you, even managing the refurbishment should you choose to go down that road.

If this proves to be the direction you wish to take - then our fees for property sourcing will be given to you well in advance. These are shown in our terms of business available to you on request.

We have contacts throughout the UK and Abroad that enable us to match your requirements whether it be individual properties or portfolios.

If you are interested in seeing if property is for you, then please continue looking through our site...

Call Its-Property... Office hours  0845 456 6069 / E-mail


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