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Its Property provides a service to cater for your individual needs in helping you to secure suitable investment properties. Through our years of involvement within the property market we are well placed to ensure you succeed...

Question: If you had purchased an average property in the UK in 1975 for £10,000 - what would its value be today? (Answer - on our contact page)

Why Property?
Property has delivered excellent returns over history and whilst historical returns are not a guide to any future returns - they do demonstrate a proven track record. Property prices have typically doubled every 7-10 years (HM Land Registry) and unless our population stops growing or we suddenly build thousands of extra homes - this trend is likely to continue.


Property, as an asset class, has always been a choice investment vehicle for the well heeled - this often being ring fenced from normal individuals due to the banks stringent lending policies. However with the recent introduction of the "Buy to Let" mortgage it unlocked the doors, making it possible for individuals to secure significant property portfolios. For the exact mechanics of buy to let mortgages see our mortgage page.

If you are interested in seeing if property is for you, then please continue looking through our site...

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